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    Diamonds and Human Security
    Research, education and advocacy to end the trade of conflict diamonds in Africa.

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    Links to Organizations in West Africa and Documents about the region.

    Links to West African Organizations

    Campaign for Good Governance
    Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone Focus: Education and capacity building to facilitate and encourage the full and genuine participation of all Sierra Leoneans in the Political, Social, and Economics processes of Development in Sierra Leone.

    ECOWAS Network on Debt and Development - ECONDAD
    Location: Benin City, Nigeria Focus: A regional network coordinating West African NGOs/civil society organizations working on debt, structural adjustment policy and the monitoring of international financial institutions within and outside the region.

    Integrated Social Development Centre(ISODEC)
    Location: Accra, Ghana Focus: Research, education and advocacy on Ghanaian trade policy and Ghana�s commitment to global, international and regional trade and trade-related commitments.

    Network Movement for Justice and Development
    Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone Mandate: Promotes the collective strengths of people, fosters justice, builds the capacities of people and lives in solidarity with all those struggling for empowerment, democratic governance and sustainable life and justice.


    Sierra Leone after Elections: Politics as Usual?
    Source: International Crisis Group Date: 2002
    An analysis of the elections held in May 2002, identifying systemic internal challenges and external challenges facing the country in a post-conflict period.

    Liberia: The Key to Ending Regional Instability
    Source: International Crisis Group Date: 2002
    Report looking at the role of Liberia in the continued conflict that stretches across Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea and notes that the hard-won peace in Sierra Leone remains in jeopardy, given the regional ambitions of Charles Taylor.

    Sierra Leone: Danger and Opportunity in a Regional Conflict
    Source: David Pratt, Special Envoy to Sierra Leone Date: 2001
    Report to Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, addressing security, humanitarian and development assistance, political and governance and other regional issues confronting Sierra Leone and its neighbours and presenting recommendations for Canadian policy formulation.

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