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    Diamonds and Human Security
    Research, education and advocacy to end the trade of conflict diamonds in Africa.

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    Welcome to Partnership Africa Canada

    Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) is a coalition of Canadian and African NGOs working together on issues of human rights, human security and sustainable development. In collaboration with its members and other organizations, PAC undertakes research and policy dialogue initiatives on issues affecting Africa.

    Welcome to our new website - a gateway to information, resources and links about Africa. We are continuing to develop the site - new information will be posted to the site over the coming weeks. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

    Kimberley Process - regular monitoring not agreed

    October 31, 2003 Although progress was made within the Kimberley Process towards universal monitoring of the rough diamond trade, there are still no provisions for regular, impartial monitoring of all participants.
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    Kimberley Process at a Turning Point

    October 28, 2003 The integrity of the Kimberley Process Diamond Certification Scheme (1) will be at stake this week when representatives from governments, the diamond industry and NGOs convene for the Kimberley Process plenary meeting being held from 29-31 October 2003 in Sun City, South Africa.
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    Charles Taylor must be Extradited from Nigeria for Trial

    September 25, 2003 Charles Taylor, the former warlord president of Liberia must be extradited from Nigeria to stand trial before the UN-backed Special Court in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Partnership Africa Canada calls on the Canadian government and other members of the United Nations to do everything they can to ensure that Taylor answers for his crimes.
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    Other Facets - September 2003

    A newsletter about the international effort to end diamond-related conflict. In this issue:
    • New Kimberley Membership List Announced
    • Central African Republic Review
    • Breakthrough on Statistics
    • Sierra Leone Struggles for Control
    • Liberia: Taylor Resigns
    • Books, Publications and more

    Partnership Africa Canada Co-Nominated for 2003 Nobel Peace Prize

    On March 19, 2002, Global Witness and Partnership Africa Canada were nominated for the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination was made by United States Congressmen Tony P. Hall and Frank R. Wolf, and by US Senator Patrick Leahy, for the efforts that the two organizations have devoted to ending the trade in �conflict diamonds�.
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