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    Diamonds and Human Security
    Research, education and advocacy to end the trade of conflict diamonds in Africa.

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    Sierra Leone Conference Report
    Report of a conference held in Ottawa in June 2000, Sierra Leone: one year after the Peace Accord, the search for peace, justice and sustainable development, Partnership Africa Canada.

    Sudan Symposium Report
    Report of a symposium on the Sudan peace process held in Calgary and Ottawa in June 2000, Sudan Civil Society Symposium, Sudan Inter-Agency Reference Group.

    Study in African Great Lakes Region
    Study of the role and work of women's organizations in the African Great Lakes region: Local Initiatives in the African Great Lakes region, Eug´┐Żnie Rockhaya Aw, Partnership Africa Canada, March 2000 (summary).

    Study in Northern Somalia
    Study of conditions in Northern Somalia, including information on NGOs and issues such as landmines: Peace and Development in Northern Somalia - Opportunities and Challenges, Partnership Africa Canada/Somali-Canadian Institute for Research and Development, August 1999. This report is also available in somali.

    Policy Work Training Workshop
    Report on a workshop held in Addis Ababa in January 1998, organized by RADEV, the Economic Commission for Africa and Partnership Africa Canada: Report on a Policy Work Training Workshop for African NGOs. Hard copy only.

    Popular version of the African Charter
    Adapted and shortened version with cartoons of the 1990 Arusha Conference: African Charter for People's Participation in Development, INADES/Partnership Africa Canada, 1995. Hard copy only.

    Study of the question of Partnership
    An NGO discussion paper analyzing partnership between northern and southern NGOs: Partnership: Matching rhetoric to reality, Partnership Africa Canada, September 1989. Hard copy only.

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