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    Diamonds and Human Security
    Research, education and advocacy to end the trade of conflict diamonds in Africa.

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    Kagga Kamma Hotel: Primal and Romantic

    October 12, 2018If you are an avid traveler, a lover of extraordinary and exotic places, you have seen the ancient temples of Poland, Niagara Falls, Lake Baikal, the snowy peaks of the Alps, medieval castles of Spain, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, then it seems difficult to surprise you with something. But there are still many places on our planet, so unique and original, that even the most sophisticated tourist will be amazed at their mysterious appearance.

    Today we will talk about one of such places. This is truly one of the most romantic places on Earth.

    It is located in a unique corner of the continent, which is a private nature reserve of 3,700 hectares, which embodies the spirit and unique flavor of the entire Africa. This is a virgin wilderness area, that wasn’t really touched by civilization, located in the mountains of Cedenberg, in the Western Cape Province. The ancient tribes of Rebak, Gemsbok, Springbuck, Duke and Stitchback have long lived here. This place is truly sacred when it comes to pristine nature of Africa.

    The resort itself, with its hotels, restaurants and such is located ... in the rocks! It is inside these pristine eternal cliffs that luxury hotels are built in, with elegantly furnished rooms, entering which, you immediately forget that you are surrounded by wild nature. But this is not the only thing that makes this resort so beautiful and unique: the majestic landscapes are to be seen, no matter in which way you look. Only here you can feel the power of the majestically inaccessible mountains, conquered by a man, fearlessly invading the stone jungle of rocks; the audacity of the plan and the scale of labor which cannot be comprehended, comparing what you see inside and outside, when entering the hotel room.

    Some of them are set up in the rocks and consist of double and triple cave rooms in which the exotic simplicity of the rock walls and ceilings adjoins the familiar luxury of a European level: there are comfortable beds; tastefully decorated shower rooms, with hygiene kits. Everything in them is provided for protection against insects: protective glass doors, glass windows, that are equipped with a special fine mesh that can be lowered overnight.

    In addition to such comfortable "caves" there are very original bungalows under thatched roofs, that are beautifully furnished inside: air conditioning, a tea corner and a shower. It is here that you will feel yourself as a romantic wanderer, a hero of adventure novels of Jules Verne and Walter Scott.

    Fans of outdoor sleep can get themselves a secluded place with a bed and a minimum of comfort, but here, when you are tired of city noise, dust, smoke, endless stress, you are easily able to relax your body and soul, enjoying the surrounding landscapes during the day, and at night – endless and picturesque African sky with huge phosphorescent stars that fill it up with wonder and a sense of adventure.

    This is truly one of a kind experience, that no one, who is financially capable of affording it, should miss out on. I mean, just imagine you hanging out, swimming in the sea of thoughts, with a person you love by your side. I don’t think there is anything better to wish for, honestly. There is not hing like it in the world, and it is unlikely that there will ever be something that comes close to it.

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