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    Diamonds and Human Security
    Research, education and advocacy to end the trade of conflict diamonds in Africa.

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    Sierra Leone Conference Report
    Report of a conference held in Ottawa in June 2000, Sierra Leone: one year after the Peace Accord, the search for peace, justice and sustainable development, Partnership Africa Canada.

    Sudan Symposium Report
    Report of a symposium on the Sudan peace process held in Calgary and Ottawa in June 2000, Sudan Civil Society Symposium, Sudan Inter-Agency Reference Group.

    Study in African Great Lakes Region
    Study of the role and work of women's organizations in the African Great Lakes region: Local Initiatives in the African Great Lakes region, Eugénie Rockhaya Aw, Partnership Africa Canada, March 2000 (summary).

    Study in Northern Somalia
    Study of conditions in Northern Somalia, including information on NGOs and issues such as landmines: Peace and Development in Northern Somalia - Opportunities and Challenges, Partnership Africa Canada/Somali-Canadian Institute for Research and Development, August 1999. This report is also available in somali.

    Policy Work Training Workshop
    Report on a workshop held in Addis Ababa in January 1998, organized by RADEV, the Economic Commission for Africa and Partnership Africa Canada: Report on a Policy Work Training Workshop for African NGOs. Hard copy only.

    Popular version of the African Charter
    Adapted and shortened version with cartoons of the 1990 Arusha Conference: African Charter for People's Participation in Development, INADES/Partnership Africa Canada, 1995. Hard copy only.

    Study of the question of Partnership
    An NGO discussion paper analyzing partnership between northern and southern NGOs: Partnership: Matching rhetoric to reality, Partnership Africa Canada, September 1989. Hard copy only.

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