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Other Facets

Other Facets is a periodic newsletter about the international effort to end diamond-related conflict.

Other Facets Number 10- May 2003 [4pp, 108KB pdf]

  • Progress at Kimberley Meeting
  • UN Liberia Sanctions Renewed
  • Anglo American and De Beers: $6bn. Apartheid Lawsuit
  • Congloese NGOs Slam Security Council, Belgium
  • Lebanese Attack PAC Report
  • Sierra Leone Special Court
  • New Publications

Other Facets Number 9- March 2003 [4pp, 43KB pdf]

  • Confusion Greets KP Startup
  • Security Council Up-date
  • World Diamond Council Releases Kimberley Guide
  • Diamond Peace Alliance Inaugurated in Sierra Leone
  • New Publications, Campaign Information, Books, Mediawatch

Other Facets Number 8- Nov. 2002 [4pp, 54KB pdf]

  • Kimberley Certification Scheme Agreed
  • DRC Report Condems Pillage of Diamonds, Natural Resources
  • 'Diamond Relief Fund' for Poor Producers
  • UN Liberia Panel Reports
  • New Reports from Diamonds and Human Security Project

Other Facets Number 7- Sept. 2002 [4pp, 55KB pdf]

  • Kimberley Process and the G8 - Better Accountability and Greater Transparency
  • Al Qaeda and the Quality of Terror - Editorial
  • Congolese NGOs Form a New Network
  • Kimberley Process - EC Preparations & US Response
  • Canadian Police Report: Terrorist Threat Real

Other Facets Number 6 - May 2002 [4pp, 49KB pdf]

  • Kimberley Process: Partial Breakthrough
  • GAO Repeats Condemnation of Weak Kimberley Agreement
  • US Legislation: The Beat Goes On
  • Liberia Panel Reports
  • Angola Peace Hopes

Other Facets Number 5 - Mar. 2002 [4pp, 217KB pdf]

  • GAO Condemns Weak Kimberley Provisions
  • �Peace� in Sierra Leone
  • Hall and Wolf Blast US Inaction
  • UN Debate on Conflict Diamonds
  • Australian Diamond Industry Under Threat

Other Facets Number 4 - Dec. 2001 [4pp, 46KB pdf]

  • Kimberley 'Agreement': Half Measures
  • Al Qaeda: The Diamon Connection
  • UN Expert Panel Reports: Illicit Diamond Trade Continues Unabated
  • U.S. Passes Conflict Diamond Bill

Other Facets Number 3 - Nov. 2001 [4pp, 44KB pdf]

  • Conflict Diamonds are Forever? Major NGO disappointment with Kimberley Process
  • Conflict Diamonds: Crossing European Borders
  • Stop Blood Diamonds Now! Civil society support for a meaningful certification process
  • Sierra Leone: War Over?
  • Certification and Legislation updates

Other Facets Number 2 - June 2001 [4pp, 52KB pdf]

  • Kimberly process stalled?
  • Tentative peace deal in Sierra Leone
  • DRC expert panel releases report
  • De Beers suspends Angola operations
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: 2.5 million 'Excess' deaths in 33 months
  • UN Sanctions on Libera
  • Conflicting diamond battle in US Congress
  • Conflict diamonds: Polls guage public reaction

Other Facets Number 1 - April 2001 [4pp, 53KB pdf]

  • Research Project Expands
  • US Warns Liberia
  • Namibian Diamond Mining in Congo
  • UN Deadline for Congo Troop Withdrawls
  • Security Council Discusses UNITA Sanctions
  • Kimberly Process Expands




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