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  Sierra Leone
  West Africa
  Congo/Central Africa
  Southern Africa
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Project contacts

Susan Isaac

Project Officer
Partnership Africa Canada
323 Chapel Street
Ottawa, ON
K1N 7Z2 Canada
Tel: 613-237-6768
Fax: 613-237-6530
Email: [email protected]

Ian Smillie

Research Coordinator
[email protected]

Johan Peleman

International Peace Information Service
Itali�lei 98a
2000 Antwerp
Tel: 32 (3) 225 0022
Fax: 32 (3) 231 0151
Email: [email protected]

Abu Brima

National Coordinator
Network Movement for Justice and Development
P.M.B. 798
8, King Harman Road
Sierra Leone

Tel: 232-22-229937
Fax : 232-22-225486
Email : [email protected]

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Human Security and Diamonds in Africa